JIRA with Kanban (Greenhopper)

Recently my work has becoming more and more project management oriented, so I have been reading a lot of books on the subject.

At the moment I am deeply interested in these two concepts:

  • The agile software development methodology Kanban
  • The psychological theory of Flow

I want to start bringing these two concepts into my team.

As I am using JIRA to manage my teams tasks, I am considering to buy the Greenhopper plugin which offers Kanban support.

Before I do so, I’d like to ask the community if anyone has any experience using Greenhopper for Kanban.  Any positive/negative experiences to share?


4 thoughts on “JIRA with Kanban (Greenhopper)

  1. Hi,

    I’m using Jira / GreenHopper for Scrum with a Dev team. Recently we decided to change PCS to Kanban and to make all the processes and methods meet the Agile. Sadly, Jira looks bad in this field, ’cause one of its strengths, the configuration possibilities makes difficult and inefficient in a frequently changing environment.

    We keep Jira for the administration where it’s absolutely necessary, but looking for a really agile- and Kanban-compliant tool to handle MMF-s instead of user stories and create task boards as we would really like to use them. Currently favourite one is the Leankit Kanban (http://www.leankitkanban.com/), but its weakness that we couldn’t host our own boards in our intranet.

    I hope it was helpful 😉

  2. Gabor

    Thanks for your comment.

    I also ended up using Leankitkanban in the end. I found it quite simple to get started with though it lacked a few features once we got going on it.

    Our JIRA is quite old now, so I think I would most likely need to upgrade Jira anyway to get greenhopper going.


  3. For small projects I’ve used lightweight kanban tool http://www.agilezen.com – and love it.

    However JIRA is the endorsed/default project collaboration tool for the longer-term and large projects which are already established in Jira. With the GreenHopper (Agile) plugin active, there is now also the RapidBoard function which enbale you to create Kanban boards. Not as pretty or easy to use as the alternatives you and I mentioned, but functional.

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